Telecommunication Providers

Locate System Within Leased Space

Each tenant’s phone system must be situated within its leased space, and NOT in the building’s core and shell telephone or electrical rooms.  This allows for ease of access as needed, and less chance for damage to systems due to overheating situations.  From a property manager’s perspective, it alleviates much of the overcrowding situations that would otherwise tend to occur in a core telephone closet.  The telephone closets are intended to only accept the main cable “feed,” which extends from the building’s riser cables to your system.

Code Issues: “Plenum Rated” Cable and Independent Supports for Cable

As with most other modern office buildings, the space above your ceiling is used as a return-air plenum and are therefore affected by various code requirements.  Consequently, it is essential that you instruct your cabling company (phone, data and other) to use “plenum rated” cable for all cabling which will run above the ceiling.

The building code also requires that cables be independently supported rather than sharing plumbing supports or materials installed to hold ceiling systems or electrical conduits.  Many cabling companies do not abide by this requirement without specific instructions and follow-up by the tenant.  Remedial work to correct improper installation can be costly and have serious time delay considerations.

No Alternative Access Provider Without Landlord’s Approval

Technological advances in telecommunications are having a profound impact on office buildings throughout the country.  Tenant’s demands for more sophisticated building provisions such as fiber optics and competition among access providers has placed a greater burden on buildings to try to keep pace with this modernizing industry.  Most buildings are limited by the space available for competitive access providers to establish a “minimum point of presence,” as well as the size of each floor’s telephone closet and shaft space for riser cables.  Other issues include access to equipment, safety and security.

Presently, it is important for all tenants to recognize that no alternative access provider may be permitted a point of presence or riser cable space in the building without the Landlord’s prior written approval.